Meet the team

Our staff

Amazing summer experiences don’t just happen. It takes a dedicated team of people working hard to make it all happen, and at Oklahoma Children’s Theatre, we’re proud of our achievements with providing exceptional staff year after year. We’re committed to providing every child with the highest quality of care, attention, and safety.

Every summer we welcome back over 70 staff members and volunteers. From professional teachers and artists to college students and former OCT campers, our staff body is ready to make your child’s experience exceptional. All of our staff are selected after a rigorous application process, intensive training, and state and federal background check process.

Meet our Administrative Team

Michael Myers

Executive Director

Mollie Reid

Program Director

Miranda Wagner

Camp and Office Director


Our Camp Staff


Our teachers are primarily qualified teachers or professional artists in their discipline. All teaching staff have considerable experience in teaching and working with children.


Our assistants are primarily responsible for the supervision of the campers. Assistants are generally college-aged students studying theatre, visual arts, or education. Many of our assistants are former campers who have grown up through our program and have since aged out.


Our teen volunteers are responsible and motivated teens aged 14-16 years old, who work alongside our campers, teaching, and administrative staff during our camp programs. Volunteers are responsible for many of the day-to-day running of the camp, working as support roles for other staff members. Our volunteers are primarily ex-students who have aged out of our regular classes but want to stay involved with our organization.

Camper Safety

Your child’s safety is our number one priority while he or she attends our programs. We recognize that before the camp experience starts with an environment that is secure for learning and growing. Our motto is safety first, in everything we do, all the time. That is why we, at Oklahoma Children’s Theatre, thoroughly train our staff and employ stringent safety and health standards. Want to see more? You can review all of our policies in our Parent Handbook.