Financial Aid

We are proud to offer two types of financial assistance for families

Payment Plans

Tuition balances larger than $500 can be split up into two, three, or four payments. Payment plans can be set up online, or if you require more information please call our Main Office at (405) 606-7003. Initial deposits and balance due dates apply. Payment Plans are available to anyone, regardless of financial need.

Financial Aid

Available for families that can demonstrate financial need. Applications are reviewed by a panel and awards are disbursed via email. Financial Aid covers 50-80% of total tuition.

To apply, download the application below and return to Oklahoma Children’s Theatre before the following deadlines.

Deadline dates for summer camps

Summer camp Financial Aid is dispersed over three rounds, with unused funds rolling over.
Round 1 - Deadline March 16th, 2018
Round 2 - Deadline April 6th, 2018
Round 3 - Deadline April 27th, 2018