About Oklahoma Children’s Theatre

About us

Our Mission

Oklahoma Children's Theatre provides extraordinary live theatre and interactive educational experiences for young audiences. We inspire young people to visualize their potential, enhance family relationships and invest in the future of our communities.


Regular Season

Our regular season consists of 8 productions – 7 geared for Pre-K thru 5th grade, 1 for 5th grade and up. Each production is performed in one of three performance spaces on the OCU campus. We do approximately 70 performances per season, including both daytime weekday field trip performances and weekend performances for families.

Co-Productions with TheatreOCU

We normally do 1 co-production per season; this show is usually more mature and are geared for 5th grade and up. These are part of our regular season as well as part of the TheatreOCU season, and roles are cast primarily with OCU students.


We do one touring production each year, which may or may not be included as one of the regular season shows. We tour throughout the state to approximately 25 to 30 different communities, primarily those that are too far away to make a field trip to us.



We host one-week camps for 11-12 weeks in the summer and during all seasonal school breaks (spring, fall, and winter). The camp season includes over 78 camps and 1400 campers altogether. Camps for ages 3-4, 5-7, 8-12, and 10-13 are offered in a diverse range of creative and performing arts.

Summer camps for more advanced students; these camps end in a series of ticketed performances that are part of the regular production season.


Creative Drama for 3 & 4 year olds, and Play Production classes for ages 5-7 and 8-12 are offered in the spring and fall semesters. All classes end with friends & family performances. Production classes include the production process from auditions and line memorization to costumes, lights and performances.

Young Company

Our highest level of education for the most seasoned young performers. Young Company have workshops and lessons as well as a variety of performances at community events such as OKC Philharmonic concerts, Arts Fest, Fairy Tale Ball, and TheatreOCU/Children’s Theatre co-productions.


In-school residency programs

Our educational outreach residencies are housed in Putnam Heights and Edgemere and Cleveland schools. Each semester we host up to four classes at each location and teach theatre skills as well as creative thinking and teamwork through drama education. Each class enjoys the thrill of a final performance for their friends and family. Educational outreach programs are provided at no or minimal cost to the school.

Page to Stage

Page to Stage is a traveling, short-term workshop series for Title I schools that focuses on literacy, comprehension, and “reading for meaning.” Each participating class has three workshops in their classroom with an OCT teaching artist that focus on vocabulary and plot using a well known story. A production of that story is then brought to the school, and finally each student in the class receives a copy of the book on which the play was based. The entire Page to Stage experience is made possible by OCT program sponsors and is free to the school.

Tickets and Transportation Facilitation

From the bus and ticket packages purchased at Fairy Tale Ball, we call the school that the donor designated as the beneficiary and make arrangements and reservations with the school and OCT box office. If no school is designated by the donor, we scout for Title 1 schools that are age and travel appropriate for the donated package.


Fairy Tale Ball

Our annual fundraising event is a one-of-a-kind gala in OKC. It’s a dazzling, fun and fantasy filled evening for the whole family! Imagine spinning through the ground level doors of the Chase Tower into a world filled with games and play areas for adults and children. Everywhere you look you see all your favorite princesses, knights in shining armor, dragons, fairies, princes, kings and queens along with many more storybook characters. Formal dinner for the adults follows, along with dinner and entertainment events for both children and tweens. The whole family rejoins at the end of the night for an unforgettable fairytale dance party.


OCU Students

Each semester we employ up to seven part time student workers from the OCU campus. It’s great for OCT to have so many extra hands, and it also provides these students with practical education and experience in working for a professional theatre company. Our student workers have the opportunity to learn teaching skills as well as gain experience in box office management, props construction, PR, and many other areas that will benefit them when they graduate and are employed by a theatre companies elsewhere. We have also started a series of educational staff meetings during which the students are presented with lessons that will benefit their theatre education, for instance, a lesson on what it means to have non-profit status, how to plan an education season, etc.

Youth Board

The Youth Board consists of seasoned children’s theatre kids, ages 13 and up, who have volunteered, performed and/or worked with us as they’ve grown. This group’s goals include fundraising, volunteering and creatively enhancing OCT’s programming in the community.

Teen Volunteers

Our teen volunteers are crucial during our seasonal camps and summer camp months, helping with a variety of tasks like stocking and running the Camp Store, creating the weekly programs, assisting different classes and Fun Time hours, escorting late/early campers to and from classes, and assisting the before and aftercare teachers. They also help with a variety of other tasks that are assigned as needed, during the summer and throughout the school year. Many of our volunteers have been campers for many years, and aspire to become teachers’ assistants when they are old enough.